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Small Cafes Listed Near You

Hucksters & Co
Located in Central Geelong, Hucksters & Co is a purveyor of fine Coffee, Sandwiches and Sweets. All Hand Made and a little different. Hucksters & Co opened in May 2015 and is located in James Street, Geelong. Since then, Hucksters & Co have been
Nourish Café
Who are we? Nourish is a family run business, owned by Bundaberg locals who are passionate about offering wholefood meals and snacks that are delicious! Ultimately, we want our food to nourish your body and leave you feeling vital and alive. Wh
Your café. Our passion. Become addicted.... We are a friendly, modern and busy little café ideally located on the Hervey Bay Esplanade in beautiful Torquay, opposite the best swimming beach in the Bay, the popular train park and great picnic spots on
Outside in Cafe
As of September 1 we will only be accepting 50% Qoin Thank you
Kefi Cafe
Kefi means joy, and we firmly believe in this. Great atmosphere, food, coffee and specialty drinks. Home made produce and great service at both our outlets. Open for breakfast and lunch or that snack between. Check out the rave review
Wisdom in a cup
A bohemian style cafe in the heart of Capalaba next to chemist warehouse on old Cleveland road , serving homemade food . Amazing coffee and a relaxing atmosphere
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Rose Espresso is your local Wentworth Point florist and cafe and is a combination of my dream for beautiful floral arrangements and a cafe serving light refreshments. My passion and service are driven by my client's appreciation for my creativity
Over There Cafe
Over There Café is a proud family owned cafe open and ready for business. Looking to bring a variety of good wholesome food to Redcliffe in a relaxed atmosphere for our guests to sit back, relax and enjoy good food and drink. Located in Dolphins C
Curtis Falls Ice Creamery
Perfect afternoon delight, treat yourself with a Ice cream or five or as much candy as you can handle
Mr Empanadas
I sell frozen and cooked Empanadas! Some of the best Columbian Street food coming out of Melbourne. I sell wholesale to restaurants as well as just to everyday consumers. Message, call or Private message me on Instagram for any order or enquir
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Finding the right Café

We all know that Cafés dot almost every corner, and yes we all get it, the world can’t seem to get enough coffee. Coffee makes the world go around who can say no to a fine brew? But as it turns out, there’s more to cafés than meets the eye. We dug deeper and found out some reasons why people love cafés beyond coffee…

What makes an amazing Café?

Imagine the F.R.I.E.N.D.S gang hanging out at their usual couch in Central Perk. That’s a classic good café scenario. It really was an extension of their living room wasn’t it, a place where they could relax, chat, eat a muffin or two (Joey), and just escape the world for a little while.

Cafés are an easy way to get a quick meal whilst resting those feet after a big shopping trip or just to escape the office for a bit to kill time. But an amazing café will take your experience “next level”.

Coffee shops are the top spot to meet and have a gossip session with your friends, or where parents and grandparents can buy little children a babycino with a side of marshmallow and create special memories. Coffee, pastries and desserts, music and social interaction, it’s the homo sapien version on an animal’s watering hole. Be prepared to spend a few hours indulging in an environment of comfy couches, plush armchairs, & dim lighting with your favourite people.

An amazing café will have a range of tantalising qualities that you simply cannot go past. It is not just that they consistently serve the finest espresso & delicious meals, but the best cafés will get your creative juices flowing too.

When you have to prepare a presentation, beat a deadline, or need to do some serious study, why do you feel more productive in a café? According to a study by the University of Melbourne, “A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.” So being alone in a quiet room might not be the best place to get the creative juices flowing, the creative side of your brain doesn’t like it when it’s too quiet.

Sometimes when you’re alone, being in a café can make you feel more connected to the world, people watching is always fun, it can be a time where you can appreciate the art that is human society or just be plain “judgie”, but we promise we won’t judge you judging…

We just want to help you find a café that suits you!

Great tips to choosing a Café:

  • How busy is it inside?
  • Take a look at their menu options making sure the prices are reasonable.
  • What is they décor like?
  • Is it too quiet or too loud?
  • Does the music suit you?
  • Do they offer free wi-fi?
  • Do they offer both take away and dine in options?
  • Do they offer a loyalty card program?
  • What’s the location like?
  • Do the opening hours suit you?

In Summary

These days we can get coffee and food just about anywhere, but when it comes to finding a great café it comes down to it having a great VIBE that you just cannot find any place else. An amazing café is a positive space that has a magic to it so we can escape from the monotony of every day life just for a little while.

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