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320 Crown Street
Surry Hills

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WOW - huge response and we have a new shipment in.... Join the Aussiepong Movement. Get your mates together in a tight space and flick your balls into their cups!!. Too much hilarity in one small package. And who said size matters!! You can still have the best night ever with this wee little fella!! In fact all day and all night! That's Aussiepong. Mini table beer pong table. Only $75 (includes shipping) and all wonderfully at 100% Qoin Get your pong on!!. Here is my wallet address - so flick me an email with confirmation of your payment and your address where I need to send the table(s) 0x68fF7C3c28F0dC75048E08792e5d6eF39865e2D7 My QR code is also in the gallery photos

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