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Unnamed Road
VIC 3029

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look at this sprawling property and you're going to love it. Surrounded by natural greens, and full of earthy furniture and simple flooring, this cosy cafe-bar is accentuated by the blue doors. The open space on the outside has casual seating and is very nice to chill during the evenings. The bar upstairs is a closed space, with a bright French sign that reads “Tout Le Monde Est Bon”. When it comes to food and drinks, they have an extensive menu. Prawn Tempura and Minced Chicken Croquette are good munchies to go with your cocktails. The Classic BLT looks like a million bucks and tastes even better. If you have a thing for steaks, you should not miss out on the Drunk Beer Steak. Finally, the Tiramisu was served in a shot glass (say hello to a strong coffee flavour). The perfect end to a perfect meal.

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