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Why choose Frubetto- Real Fruit Juice Concentrate?

Frubetto is a family owned business in Queensland, Australia. We supply premium quality 100% pure fruit juice concentrate mix and world famous Italian slushi machine to our customers. As the hospitality sectors have been badly affected during this Covid 19 pandemic, our goal is to help our customers to generate more profit by maximizing the existing space of their premises and manpower. We offer the a Risk Free and High Returns business solutions to business operators of restaurant, café, take-away & mobile food trucks, hotels and even school tuckshops. We guaranteed your business will start to earn at least 50% net profit margin with zero captial outlay and total risk free from day 1. If you are interested in knowing more about how Risk Free and High Returns business solutions work in details, please contact Kelly, the founder of Frubettto at or 0451237986. Our mission is to offer 100% pure fruits sorbetto everywhere, be the first choice of healthy frozen drink for the young generation in Australia , at an affordable price, What is sorbetto? Sorbetto means sorbet in Italian. We use different pure fruit juice concentrates and purees to create the unique flavors, colors, consistency and nutritious for each sorbetto mix. We added fruit puree to create the creamy consistency of sorbetto as well as a source of fibre. Strictly no sugar or sweeteners are added as the sweetness is naturally coming from the fruit itself. We guarantee NOT using any preservatives or additives in our products. In addition, we use high quality of fruit juice concentrates and purees sourced locally or imported from all around the world. Our Frubetto juice concentrate mix is bottled in the high technology facilities that using pasteurization method to kill the bacteria, while providing 12 months of shelf-life in room temperature. Once the bottle is opened, our product needs to be put in the fridge and consumed within 7 days. In the first phase, Frubetto will offer 3 different flavours: Mango Sorbetto, Purple Lemonade Sorbetto and Strawberry Banana Sorbetto -- all flavours are combinations of 2 to 3 types pure fruits juice concentrate and 1 -2 types of fruit puree. Sorbetto Flavour Ingredients Purple Lemonade Sorbetto black currant juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, pear puree, apple juice concentrate Strawberry Sorbetto strawberry juice concentrate, banana puree, pomegranate juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate. Mango Sorbetto passion fruit juice concentrate, mango puree, apple juice concentrate, pear puree Before making sorbetto using slushies machine, we mix 1 part of juice concnetrate mix with 3 parts of water to achieve Brix level of 10. The refreshing and full of fruits flavour sorbetto will be ready to serve within 90 mins.

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