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17 Heritage Heights Circuit
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Saint Helens Park

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Pliris Offers The Following Services : HEALTH What Is Your Favourite Flavour Of The Day ? * Coffee * Tea * Chocolate * Lemon Zest Improve Your Health and Wellness By Enjoying A Healthy Alternative Of Your Favourite Beverage HAPPINESS HORMONES Research has proven there are four hormones that promote well being—ultimately happiness. They are the 4 hormones in D.O.S.E. Let's look at each hormone. DOPAMINE It is a neurotransmitter and is responsible for many functions, including memory, sleep, mood, pleasurable reward, behaviour, and cognition. OXYTOCIN It is a special chemical in your body that helps create the feeling of falling in love. SEROTONIN It is made from the essential amino acid tryptophan that sends signals between your nerve cells. ENDORPHINS These are known as the body's "natural opioids" that can make a person feel happy and relaxed. "Buy Some To Try Some Today" ___________________________________________ PROPERTY FIRE SAFETY No Burn Fire Retardant If You Or Anyone You Know Live In A Rural Area Based On The Devastating Bushfires We Have Experienced Globally It Makes Sense To Plan For The Summer In Advance To Help Protect Your Timber Structures Your Vegetation And Save Lives NO BURN Is an Australian developed product designed especially for houses, sheds and fences in bush fire prone areas. It is not a fire preventative but will give the painted surfaces protection for up to 20 minutes in a fire front. NO BURN Reacts to excessive heat and forms a blister on the painted surface, this blister contains a non toxic gas from the endothermic reaction which retards the combustion of the organic substrate it is applied to. NO BURN Is not suitable for plastics or other materials which melt at high temperatures. NO Burn “Helping To Protect Our Rural Communities” ___________________________________________ For More Information On All Products... Call Brett On 0424 316 393

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