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1/226 Leichhardt Street
Spring Hill

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7:30 am
4:00 pm

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Why choose Sabores CBD?

*** Now accepting Qoin 40% of your total bill only!!!*** A new concept of Cafe-Restaurant has arrived in Brisbane and will be welcoming you at any time of the day. Located in the heart of Brisbane, "SABORES CBD" will showcase new vivid art and culinary experiences. Art that will transport you to the Latin American/Australian wildlife with a tropical and coloristic aesthetic that will disconnect you from the frenetic rhythm of the local daily life, while enjoying the perfect blend of ingredients and flavors that will make you remember and feel like you are at home. At Sabores, we want you to be transported to an emotional universe surrounded by nature, to remember and experience all the positive things you feel in the happy months of the year like summer or spring. Here at Sabores, you can only feel Good vibes. Sabores is a place meant to become a gathering point that you can visit at any time, where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or grab a drink without going too far from home. Thanks to its excellent location, Sabores blends together a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment like no other place where everyone is welcome!!!

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