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Tarte Gourmet Australia have available un-topped frozen flammekueche bases and are seeking restaurants, cafes, event catering, winery cellar door, hotel and beer-house operators to experience flammekueche. Do you operate a restaurant, bar, cafe or cellar door and want to try and test Flammekueche or know of a venue that you believe should trial Flammekueche as a new product special, event or theme-based presentation or menu item? Contact us for a free, no-obligation on-site presentation. Flammekueche was originally a regional product from the Alsace-Lorraine region on the French side of the Rhine and the Baden/Palatinate area on the German side. It is a disk of unleavened dough that is traditionally spread with sour cream, speck (bacon) and onion and baked quickly (4-mins) and crisply. It is the ideal accompaniment to beer, wine and cider consumption! Flammekueche is simple, quick, light, tasty and versatile and can be shared amongst guests as a starter or served as main course or dessert. It is traditionally served direct to the table on thin timber oval or rectangular-shaped boards, which form part of the European dining experience.

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