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We're Manda and Garry, a couple of tea lovers living on the NSW South Coast. Tea From Two Homes was created to inspire connections, with yourself and others. We believe that the perfect cup of tea needs the best balance of flavour and temperature, as well as the company of good chats or the serenity of time alone with your thoughts. It's a strong and multi-faceted weapon, with the power to pause, relax, reset, reflect, invigorate, inspire, connect, escape, let go and embrace. In such a fast-paced time, it's essential to be able to slow down and give ourselves a chance to connect with the simplicity and beauty of this world, this life, this moment. Tea does that. The act of having a cuppa is quite simple, but it doesn't always need to taste ‘simple'. Gone are the days of any old tea bag dropped in hot water – we want to give it the respect it deserves! Our range of handcrafted herbal teas have been lovingly blended with organic loose leaf ingredients to create flavours which are bright, bold and a bit boisterous. And there's so much happening behind the tea as well. It's tea served with a dash of love – handmade from our hearts, encased in eco-friendly packaging, and accompanied by messages from the Compliment-Tree. These complimentary compliments give you the inspiration to start the day on a high, the cure to a rough patch, or a high five for a job well done. So, whether you've had the best day or the worst, give yourself a hug from your mug with a tasty brew just for you! We accept 50% Qoin/50% cash for retail orders. Bundles, gift boxes and mystery boxes listed on our website are only available for cash sales. Interested in our range? - To see our full range jump on over to our website: - For all retail orders, please use our Qoin order form: - Any other questions, enquiries and wholesale orders, please send us a message via Qoin or email us a Cheers!

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